Desumanidade de ambos os lados: Europa e Estado Islâmico, os aloprados do diabo.

Inhumanity on both sides: Europe and the Islamic State, the nut cases of the devil.

A Turkish soldier draws of the sea in Turkey, a two-year olds child, drowned when his parents, desperate, abandoned their homeland, their belongings, their lives in desperate flight of the unfortunate Muslims such EI (Islamic State). Thousands and thousands of desperate invade Europe. A few hundred drown without at least of them have any news. Totally inhuman vultures traffic these people stateless by a bunch of damned souls. Waves and more waves of unfortunate invade Europe in desperation, seeking shelter for himself in El-dorado that is becoming so cruel to them as the demons that drove them from their homes and from their homelands. No wonder! No country is currently able to feed, treat, clothe, house and provide health for so many people who suddenly comes to its territory. Even Brazil, a giant on land.

They say all over the news that the scene shocked the world. It must have caused this reaction. But what do the countries that are still free of the plague called Muslim radicals, Satan’s servants, better known as ISLAMIC STATE?

Act as the “polititica’s Brazil”: Very blah-blah-blah and no effective action.

They arrive in Europe by the thousands in search of shelter, food and protection. But Europe can not accommodate everyone. What's up?

They arrive in Europe by the thousands in search of shelter, food and protection. But Europe can not accommodate everyone. What’s up?

Cornered on all sides, European countries appeal to innocuous measures, as used by the Nazis and communists from the past: build brick walls or barbed wire in an attempt to contain the hordes of homeless hungry arriving with more and more intensity to their territories . Have failed; did not work. The macabre game between Satan’s servants, radical Muslims, and the self-proclaimed Democrats, the former are winning 1 X 0.

The UN seems lost. No effective action to contain the damage at any cost that Satan’s servants do in the Middle East. They expel those who do not accept to be their slaves; they destroy historical relics; They kill and display their gruesome actions, under the baton of Satan, for everyone watching “powerless by Democratic thinking” who foolishly practice. Europeans seem to have forgotten that the right to one ends when you start the other.

A member of a Free Syrian Army walks past damaged building and debris in Deraa.

A member of a Free Syrian Army walks past damaged building and debris in Deraa.

Meanwhile, the US sells super-sophisticated weapons to the Syrians and other people unprepared to face war. When Satan’s servants come to their cities, they run away terrified and leave behind all that weaponry that cost millions of dollars and Satan Assassins them take hold. They get more strengthened in armaments and become more dangerous for people who invade, who kill and who do flee in despair. Stubbornly, the country that fueled wars and more wars throughout the earth, now in Word blind compliance committed by its President Obama, resists send their “marines” to put a definitive end to the horde of Satan on earth.

Even when the madness in the Middle East will be allowed “democratic” to follow cruelly murdering people? I do not understand why the UN and the US have not approved sweeping from the earth those crazed. For much less Jesus commanded the “Legion” was to herd of pigs, which have committed suicide – perhaps realizing that if they do not, his teammates have those demons to demonize the already miserable life. The US poured two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Why now does the same thing on the territory of EI? Even if some innocents will die (and will die on the run, anyway) are not Americans who say they do not make an omelette without breaking eggs? I believe it’s time to break some eggs, so that the rot EI does not end by invading the US territory. After all, they already seek to do this time.

Here gather the World Leaders, not to decide anything.

Here gather the World Leaders, not to decide anything.

I know what happens in the human world and the Earth as a planet is not the end, but the beginning of it. Jesus said, “I do not know when will be the end, but when they see fathers against sons and sons against fathers, mothers against daughters and daughters against mothers and nation against nation, know that the end is near.” And what is happening in the human world and the planet, now?

The nations do not understand. Absurd laws are approved to be disregarded immediately afterwards. Not only in Brazil but in all countries. Whites against blacks; gays against heterosexuals; rich against poor, poor against rich. Political Philosophies that never work out. Greed and Lie of the individual to the nation. Everywhere reigns chaos in human communities. And the world goes mad: where ever rained before, now suffers floods; where never snowed before, now bogged down in the snow; where never before had cold, now shivering in temperatures winds that reach -40 ° C. Brazil, once rich in fresh water; who wasted this gem without any sense of responsibility; Brazil, whose people never thought will suffer despair to fight every time of day to be able to water in their homes; the Brazil of plenty, in short, is starving. And its people continue acting disorderly and irresponsibly. Their bad politicians, who, unfortunately, are the ones who rule the Central Power, do everything to continue enjoying immoral, inappropriate and insulting largesse. They who are legally servants of the people, treat people the same as his minions. Worse: the Brazilian people flatter their tormentors immorally because they hold in their hands the corrupt food, medicine and school. They give the people what belongs to them in law as if they were for and act the eyedropper to keep everyone under the halter vote rule.

We have 39 ministries immoral, absurd. And what are they for? Only serve for job hanger. Members agree to raise taxes, but in no way want the absurd number of ministries will be reduced, as this would lead to the loss of a few thousand votes halter, and this is unacceptable to them.

I apologize for my bad English. But I ask those who speak this language seeking the idea and not the letter that shapes the idea. Thank you. Orisval